Everything that you would love to know but can’t be bothered to read the T’s & C’s – (we think we have made this easy on the eye though).

Soutriibe originated from a well-known social media platform and was created to connect like-minded people who felt isolated and were ‘awake’ to the veil of deception that started in the world in 2019. Many even saw through other lies that were told many years before. In 2021, we created a group to help connect these amazing people to each other and very quickly our users asked us to create our own platform to enable filters to be used so that connections could be made much easier depending on preference and location etc. We connect and help create beautiful friendships, relationships and communities. Together we are powerful.

We are a platform that connects individuals that are awakened either spiritually or aware of the corruption in the world.  We already have so much in common as we are all on the same page.  We created this space to make beautiful connections, powered by love and unity! We vibe high and are a kind space that knows in numbers we are unstoppable.

All our users should be a minimum of 18 years of age. There is no upper limit as love and friendship is for everyone, the way it should be!

If you have been a member of our social media group, you will know that we are nothing like them. Firstly, we have 2 ii’s in our name for a very good reason as our two eyes are wide open to the world. Secondly, we are here to help you find love, beautiful new friendships and amazing communities that will empower us all! We are all fed up with the restrictions on the usual social media sites that comes with warnings and censorship.

We have some great functionality included that will be similar to what you’ve used before in other well known platforms, so it should be easy to find your way round. In addition to this we are an empowering, kind and supportive site that’s powered by love! Let’s remember that always. Connections will be easier here. We already have so much in common, those important values are already here. You will soon see why we are different!

We are here to unite, be super kind, empower, support and connect. We are authentic and want to power the world with love. The only slightly inauthentic thing about us, is the images at the bottom of our homepage! We know that your images would have looked great on our homepage but haven’t used yours as we wanted to keep your images within the platform for your confidentiality. Sadly, we had no choice with these but it’s a small price to pay for everything else being great. We guarantee you that all Testimonials are 100% authentic.

If you have come here from our group, we have no plans to remove this free group and know how valuable it is to so many of you. However, we are heavily restricted over there which is another reason why this site has been created. We will stay over there for as long as we can, but if we do get taken down, we will be here for you. We therefore recommend that you get involved over here, just in case! We don’t want to lose you.

We are not an app, but we are an interactive digital platform, the only big difference is that you don’t need to download us (we don’t want to take up your space). However, we hope to add an app soon so that you have even more choice. You will receive those important notifications, mostly within the platform and occasionally by email. Please don’t forget to check your spam, we don’t want us getting lost in there.

Soultriibe is currently a web app and all functionalities can be used on the majority of all android & iphones. If you do experience any issues with a particular phone, just let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

Soultriibe has attracted a lot of spiritual members, which is amazing, however, being spiritual is not a requirement to join. The most important thing is that our members understand or are beginning to understand what is going on in the world and very importantly, are welcoming of everyone’s choices. We feel we are all connected and it’s really important to support our brothers and sisters wherever they may be on their journey.

Our social media group has members from all over the world and we welcome all our friends there. However, www.Soultriibe.com is currently only available to our members in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales Please be reassured we are working hard in the background for this exciting new dating, friendship and community platform to be available to the world as soon as we possibly can.

So many success stories, for dating and friendship you only need to read our reviews to see for yourself. We thrive on helping you create those all- important communities too. We have also had weddings and engagements. Please remember us when you get married. We love a good wedding, just saying!

We absolutely promise you that they are 100% authentic and it’s these Testimonials that bring huge smiles to our faces. We thank you for these.

Not at all, Soultriibe is a space for like-minded people to connect freely for friendship and dating. We are for much needed escapism from what’s going on in the world. What’s not to love?

You will need to sign up using your real name and on Friendship this will be displayed. For Dating, you can create your own username to be displayed within your profile.

Your vaccination status helps everyone easily identify the values which are important to them at a glance. For example, if someone has been vaccinated with regret – they already have so much in common and can help each other with natural detox etc and positivity! We personally love being friends with everyone and do not like divides in any way shape or form. We do not discriminate against anyone’s choices, and we are here to unite whatever you decided. Everyone is welcome – whatever your life choice. Kindness first and always! We are here to connect, empower, support, and unite everyone. We want to make the world a better place!

The original group on social media is free and as we love having everyone together, there is a free option here too. We don’t want to exclude anyone.

For the best experience, we recommend that you become a premium subscriber to enable you to access all our amazing functionality. You can see what’s included on the Membership Plans page to help you choose the best for you.

As we may include special offers from time to time, please check the appropriate page for the premium services and prices. With our special launch – you can have dating & friendship for the total price of £9 – we won’t be able to do this forever, but we want to help you make beautiful connections. We’ve made these competitively priced and affordable in these challenging times. We have included some great offers when paying for extra months in advance too. There are some free options too so that we can include everybody, nobody will be left behind! We’ve got you, just like we have since we started.

Sites costs thousands of ££££’s to make, if we had a never-ending pot of money then we would love nothing more. When we have used our life savings, divorce settlements and borrowed, sadly it isn’t an option and just like you, we have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We also have new functionality to pay for. We have kept our membership as reasonable as we possibly can and will keep our free group on social media for as long as we can.

Register with us and upload a recent and dazzling picture of yourself, make sure it still looks like you. Catfish photos are so last year! Everyone wants to see the authentic you from the get-go to ensure that there are no unexpected surprises. Simply create your profile for Friendship, Dating or both and subscribe to Premium for the enhanced functionality. It’s time to make meaningful and lifelong connections. What are you waiting for?

You can currently add 6 to your gallery, this the area that gives someone a snapshot about you, so make them the best photos to reflect you, your personality and life, You can add more images on your posts within your Timeline. It helps keep our site running faster when there isn’t loads of photos within your gallery, therefore giving you a much better experience.

Your profile is visible to everyone that you have matched with. You can always block someone if you would rather that they couldn’t view you.

Matching criteria is based on your age, sex, vaccination status and counties that you are looking to find people in. You can add up to 10 counties to reach those beautiful connections that are out there. They may not be right under your nose and worth a little travel. We all love a road trip too! We believe that with this, you will be on the same page and can create beautiful relationships for dating or friendship as you will already have so much in common.

This will be displayed within dating for your security. Choose a name that suits you best and captures your personality if you would like to make it personal.

You will need to sign up with your full name. You can however create a username if you would prefer for dating. We will leave that up to you. Your full name will be displayed in Friendship.

You will be asked for your full name on joining Soultriibe but your chosen username will be displayed on dating.

Just like many other popular social media platforms, your first and second names will be displayed on your friendship profile.

You can decide which suits you best. Make your choice when joining, you can always upgrade to add both whenever you wish. Although you may like to take advantage of our offer where you can have it all, with both friendship and dating for the same amazing price.

In your profile visit manage membership to choose the subscription package that best suits you.

Messaging is a premium member feature. Premium members display a crown on their profile picture.

Premium members have a crown icon on their profile picture, and you will be able to message them and add them to groups. They can also comment on timelines so they should stand out as being a premium user.

For a free user you can register, add to your gallery, appear in searches for dating and friendship, create a post and, like others posts on Timelines within Friendship. Premium users can send messages, create groups, be invited to groups, comment on other members Timelines & send voice notes.

Your Timeline enables your connections to get to know you better, you can personalise your Timeline with your images and bits and bobs about you. Only include information here that you are happy for others to see.

This functionality will be coming soon. We are super excited for this!

You can reply to a thread by adding a comment but at the moment you cannot reply to a specific comment. However, watch this space, this will be coming soon.

You will receive a notification in the platform of who has liked your post but very soon, we hope to be able to include you clicking on the heart and seeing who has liked you too!

This is music to our ears. You have no idea what this means to us. We would love to hear, please get in touch at love@soultriibe.com and tell us more. Thank you.

When you sign up for a plan with us, you can’t renew it automatically. You can purchase up to 6 months in advance if you would like to. We have left it up to you to dip in and out. It’s all about the personalised experienced at Soultriibe, so we will leave it with you, which option suits you best.

We would hate to lose you, but we’ve made this simple for you if you decide to go. Go to your settings, you can cancel easily in there. Your subscription will continue until your current plan ends; refunds are not given. We hope that you will change your mind and decide to stay with us

And why wouldn’t you? We have some great functionality here that makes connections much more fun. Simply go to your settings and change to a paid subscription. We have great offers when you pay in advance over a few months so be sure to look after those ££’s and take advantage of these.

Deleting your profile won’t cancel your subscription. If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to settings, and cancel from there before deleting your profile. Failure to do this will mean if you’re charged again, sadly refunds aren’t given, as per our T’s & C’s.

Payment is secure and we use Stripe for our payment services, they accept payments with all major cards. https://stripe.com/gb/legal

No money is taken, until you’ve committed to a membership for either for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. As soon as you have selected your chosen membership, payment will be instantly taken.

If there is a query outside our Terms & Conditions and you believe you have been charged incorrectly, please contact us at love@soultriibe.com with a screenshot of your query, we may also ask for proof – such as a card statement and we will look into it. We will do our absolute best to rectify this for you.

Absolutely, we’ve made this easy for you by visiting into ‘Manage Membership’ in your profile. You will remain a member until your current subscription expires; there’s no automatic renewal but we hope you love us too much to leave!

A handy hint… if you don’t want to appear in any searches , use our handy little filters so that you’re hard to find – i.e. make your age range 80-80 and only one county. Hopefully you will be out of hiding and back with us very soon. Don’t be a stranger!

Refunds are not given. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of business before you purchase your membership.

To cancel your membership, go to your profile, manage membership and press cancel. Please note that cancellations take immediate effect and refunds are not given.

We hope it never comes to this as we will miss you. If you wish to delete your account, firstly please cancel your membership to avoid further charges and then contact us at love@soultriibe.com with DELETE ACCOUNT REQUEST in the title of the email. Include your full name, username, and a screenshot of your profile picture informing us of your r

equest to delete and we will delete your account on your behalf.

Deleting your account does not cancel your membership subscription. You need to cancel your membership subscription prior to deleting your account. If you have deleted your a

ccount without cancelling subscription, please cancel all further payments at the bank.

This functionality is coming soon. In the meantime, we recommend you edit your profile to make it as invisible as possible in searches. For example, choose the age range o

f 80-80 and include only one county.

This functionality is coming soon. In the meantime, we recommend you edit your profile to make it as invisible as possible in searches. For example, choose the age range of 80-80 and include only one county.

You don’t have to have both. Make your choice when joining but you can upgrade to add both whenever you wish.

This is available in Friendship as a Premium member. Go to your profile. Go to messages and click the plus icon within the pink circle at the bottom of the messages screen. Give your group a name, add up to 100 of your friends & chat away.

Only premium users can be added to groups. You can upgrade your membership at any time by going to your profile, manage membership and then choose the best subscription plan for you.

You can create groups for social events, parties, or a group for a specific location so that you’re all local to each other, you can even use it for business messaging – as long as you’re not sending random messages to users and they have specified an interest in your products/services.

This functionality will be coming soon. We are super excited for this!

You can reply to a thread by adding a comment but at the moment you cannot reply to a specific comment. However, watch this space, this will be coming soon.

You will receive a notification in the platform of who has liked your post but very soon, we hope to be able to include you clicking on the heart and seeing who has liked you too!

You can do this when signing up for friendship by using your business name as your first name and a few characters about your business in the surname. We recommend that if you are having a business profile that you have a personal one too. You will need to sign up using two different emails though for Personal & Business. We would love to help get new customers to you.

This is something that we are looking into we hope will be here very soon. Watch this space. We want to help you succeed too.

Brilliant, lets chat! You can contact us at love@soultriibe.com if you have any recommendations – whether it’s got to have functionality or anything else, we are all ears and love to chat! We want to provide the best experience and will keep making magic happen if we can.

If you need to report a member for inappropriate behaviour, please follow these steps:

Email us at love@soultriibe.com with REPORT A MEMBER in the subject heading

Include a screenshot of the offensive content clearly showing it within the Soultriibe platform

Include the name and profile picture of the offending member with a description. Please also block them after this by selecting the 3 dots next to their profile picture. We really appreciate that you’re helping us to keep Soultriibe as safe as we can.

We will investigate your report and take any appropriate action. In addition, we recommend that you block this member.

Inappropriate behaviour is anything that causes other members upset, anxiety, embarrassment, distress or anguish.

Language that is abusive, blasphemous, deceptive, defamatory, derogatory, discriminatory, disparaging, false, fraudulent, harassing, illegal, immoral, indecent, inflammatory, insulting, intimidating, libellous, malicious, misleading, obscene, offensive, political, pornographic, predatory, prejudice, profane, racist, sexist, sexually explicit, threatening, violent, vulgar or xenophobic or which otherwise promotes and encourages hatred or any threatening conduct is considered to be inappropriate language.

The use of inappropriate language or behaviour will result in the immediate termination your Soultriibe membership without refund or recourse.

Your safety is the most important to us so always remember to be due diligent when engaging online or in person. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, please use the block button and ensure that you report them to us too. This helps us keep our platform a safe space.

If you are new to online dating, don’t forget to meet in a public place and always tell a friend where you’re going

Don’t give out your personal details too early! Get to know them for a bit first! You don’t need us to tell you that but it’s just a friendly reminder, because we care.

Please remember all the usual dating rules and just because somebody is making you feel nice, remember that they can be anyone behind a keyboard. If you feel unsure about anyone, listen to your intuition always and don’t meet up.

Theres always the block fuctionality too, if someone is being a pest! Always let us know too so that we can keep beady eyes on someone if they are being inappropriate.

They won’t receive a notification that you have blocked them. They will only know when they try and message or make contact with you and can’t see you anymore.

We are all ears and would love to hear your thoughts. We want to provide you the best possible experience, so let us know what you are thinking. Chat with us at love@soultriibe.com. Thank you for helping us to improve our services.

We will not be sending any marketing emails and your email address is only used for notifications.

Soultriibe will never sell your personal information, it will always stay in Soultriibe.

We are a safe and friendly platform, perhaps you broke our Terms & Conditions, or somebody has reported inappropriate content? If you have broken our T’s & C’s we reserve the right to remove you from our site and without refund. If someone has reported inappropriate content on your account, we will suspend your account while we investigate this. Sometimes of course we do experience technical issues and if you think it’s something other than the above, please get in touch and we will do our best to resolve this for you.

We are aware that occasionally we may have some glitches, if you experience any issues with our site, please contact us at love@soultriibe.com If we don’t know then we can’t put it right. Thank you.

We hope we have thought of most things to enable you to have an enjoyable visit to our platform. If you think that there is something we should be including here, then please get in touch. We are human after all, and we can miss something under our noses. We love that you are helping keep our site in tip top condition. Reach out to us by emailing love@soultriibe.com thank you!

You can chat with us, we would love to hear from you so that we can be the best that we possibly can. Reach out to us at love@soultriibe.com

We think we have thought of everything, if you do think that we have missed anything, it’s easy to chat with us and let us know! Let us try and put it right for you.

Contact us at love@soultriibe.com and we will do our best to help you.