About Us

Yay, you have found us lovely friends, a huge welcome to Soultriibe, our super shiny new site bringing together likeminded people for dating or friendship. We could also be known as 'Truth Love' just saying!

Whether you have been with us from when we started our lovely group on social media 2 years ago, and have been part of our amazing journey or whether you have have just stumbled across us, the fact that you are here is no accident and it’s meant to be. Together we are magical, you will soon see!

It all started in a lightbulb moment on a popular social media platform when I discovered that relationships were struggling between people with different views, during the ‘pandemic’ so many were feeling isolated. I created a group which grew instantly. However, as it was originally only for dating, in amongst all the flirting, it was noticed that so many beautiful friendships were also developing. As friendship is a great foundation for a relationship, it was decided that we would change to Awakened Dating & Friendship. We were inundated with new members joining and it literally exploded so quickly. It would have grown much quicker if it wasn’t for the continuous hiding of the group by a popular social media platform, but nothing has stopped us. Our members loved the positivity, kindness, fun & success stories in the group, that they asked if we could create our own platform to make connecting much easier.  So tahdahhh, here we are!

We don’t post anything topical, we are all about Dating, Friendship, Fun, Smiles & Escapism. We believe high vibes can conquer anything and everything, and together we are powerful. We don’t do drama llamas – that’s not how we roll. We are here to shine.

We have listened to you and love that you have been a part of our journey from requesting a platform, branding etc! We have all been in this together. We know you wanted a place that didn’t get you banned for speaking your truth, and you wanted privacy so those flirty interactions could remain more private.

As you can probably tell we are on a mission to connect likeminded people in a free from censorship space, where friendship and dating can continue with the same positivity, kindness and respect as our group but with a sparkly ‘speak your truth’ platform of our own. We are making magic happen in the group, even with those restrictions, so the sky is the limit here.

So whether it’s dating, discussion, dates in the diary, a new friendship or just a place to feel connected, and be free to be yourself, you will find it here. Our soul purpose is to create joy, fun, and come together so we are not alone. No one needs to be alone, you are in the right place and you have got all of us now.

We have some amazing success stories for dating and friendship, so many fun events have been created, leading to new connections. We are touched to have been a part of proposals and Soultriibe babies too.

We are like the new dating fairy godparents and we love hearing your success stories. Please keep us updated with your images, you know we don’t want to miss out. We hope we will be inundated with wedding invites, just saying. Hint, Hint! We also love a party!

I really couldn’t have created such an amazing space without the magnificent A Team, their support and hard work in maintaining such a fabulous group has meant the world. We have laughed, cried and made many memorable moments but this beautiful group has connected us to and I will forever be thankful for them coming into my life.

Just a reminder that just because we are on our new platform, nothing changes – we are still here for you so if you need us please reach out! We’ve still got you, just like we always have.

We really vibe high here, it’s the only way we know.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We love being here in this space together. Time to crack on now and get connecting and don’t forget to keep us updated.

Big love as always & don’t forget, you – yes you are super special & with incredible strength. You keep loving yourself first and the rest will fall beautifully into place.